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Do you want to be more energetic, feel better and be able to manage your everyday life?


With WELLBEING NAVIGATOR you will find the wellbeing path that suits you.




We can compare navigation on the path of wellbeing to the use of a navigator in cars. First, you set a destination on your navigator – where you want to go – and then the navigator locates where you are so it can give you alternative routes to your destination. If you set your destination to Tampere and start in Helsinki, the routes offered by the navigator will be different than if you had started in Turku.

The WELLBEING NAVIGATOR works on the same principle. It will locate you and find the most suitable options for your situation, so that you do not get lost in the path of wellbeing, and you can reach your goal.

When you want to strengthen or maintain your wellbeing and think about what is best for you and, above all, the right pathway,


Current habits are interlinked and there is a causal relationship between them; one bad habit follows another. We can’t change that one habit until we recognize which of our habits need to be changed first in order to succeed. A good example of this is too little sleep and recovery, which results in eating and exercise challenges. We can’t meaningfully and effectively change our eating habits if we don’t allow ourselves recovery time first.

To succeed, we need to find the things that are at the heart of it all, the “root causes”, and tackle them, which leads to improvements in other things almost automatically.

With the WELLBEING NAVIGATOR, you can outline alternative wellbeing paths and, in particular, find the best path for you.

Where does your wellbeing path begin?

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR helps you realize your strengths so you can take advantage of them on your path. In addition, it will help to identify potential development sites and pitfalls. It is easier to avoid temptation than to resist it.

What will your wellbeing path be like?

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR helps you identify what you need to do to create a strong and lasting foundation for the future. You will recognize what is inherent and meaningful in your preferred style, and you will learn how you should move forward on your path. Walking the wellbeing path makes sense when it is tailored to you.

Where does your wellbeing path go?

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR helps you get off to a good start, but the ultimate destination is in your hands. As you step onto the path, you may know exactly where you want to go. Alternatively, you might want to start moving in the right direction first and gradually recognize the goal that motivates you. When you know where you want to go, you will have the energy to overcome everyday challenges.

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR is based on a dynamic online survey. Based on your answers, you will get a visual report, which will give you a comprehensive picture of your starting situation. You will discover new things about the things and habits that affect your wellbeing and how they are interlinked. Based on these insights, you can find the right wellbeing path for you.

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR gives you a good overall picture to illustrate the cause-and-effect relationships in your life.

The report covers four areas:

  • Preferred style
  • Exercise for maintaining health
  • Eating and nutrition
  • Sleep and recovery.

When you recognize your preferred style, you will learn to act in a way that strengthens your motivation.

Why preferred style

Over time, we have all developed our own styles of action. Your own way makes sense and you’re used to it, like you’re on autopilot. We may not recognize it ourselves.

The environment affects how we ultimately behave. We act differently in different situations and groups, but the way we act also affects the way we behave naturally. Our inherent operating models are the results of inheritance and learning.

When we talk about preferred style, we mean, for example, meaningful actions for ourselves:

  • Reflecting on wellbeing goals in a way that genuinely motivates us, even in difficult times. If the goal is not energized and motivated, it has not been set correctly.
  • Making plans to add a healthy lifestyle to our daily lives so that we can move forward in small steps and not bite off more than we can chew, which will lead us stumbling before long. A plan based on willpower alone does not work.
  • Get feedback on successes and small improvements in a way that strengthens our motivation, rather than crumbling it piece by piece.


Our preferred style can tell us things about how we make choices and decisions in our daily lives, what kind of information we need to be motivated, and how we best receive information to make a positive impact on our motivation.

luontainen tyyli

Visual report

WELLBEING NAVIGATOR is currently the only report on the market that provides a visual representation of the implementation of a lifestyle to support your wellbeing. Visuality allows a meaningful interpretation because it facilitates the realization of cause-and-effect relationships.

In addition, it is the only report that makes suggestions for actions to strengthen rather than weaken your motivation over time. It is an insightful tool for self-reflection.


What our customers say

Wellbeing Navigator has helped my wellbeing because I have noticed what needs to be fixed for me to cope better. As it turns out, those things weren’t that big at all.
Woman, 47 yo.
The personal goals we have set are very realistic and I have found that they can be achieved without much stress
Man, 39 yo.
Small changes in everyday life made with the help of the wellbeing navigator have improved my well-being, job satisfaction and endurance.
Woman, 32 yo.
Those who have undergone individual coaching based on the wellbeing navigator are three times more likely to increase their exercise as part of their daily lives.
Trainer with 20 years' experience
The wellbeing navigator provided insight into why I act the way I do. It was very useful and easy to interpret.
Man, 51 yo.
The goals we set were meaningful and easy to achieve. Because I found my own preferred style, I have surpassed the goals I set for myself. As a ‘by-product’, I have lost 14kg.
Woman, 41 yo.

It is so easy to get your own WELLBEING NAVIGATOR.


We need your email address so we can send you your personal link to the online survey. We act in accordance with GDPR with respect for your privacy.


You will receive an email containing the link within 24 hours. Fill the survey in at a peacefully moment and, above all, be honest. Your wellbeing navigator is based on the answers you give. The more sincerely and realistically you answer, the more useful the result.


You will receive a link to an online calendar. Book a convenient time to review your report with us, either by phone or video. During the appointment, you will get a professional interpretation of your answers and recommendations on what your first steps should be.


After the meeting, you will receive your WELLBEING NAVIGATOR. You are ready to start on your wellbeing path towards more energetic life!


Start your energetic and active life.


  • Recognize your preferred style, eating habits, exercise, and recovery comprehensively.
  • Personal review by video meeting or call (approx. 90 min).
  • Interpretation of your report, conclusions, and tips for your individual wellbeing path.

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Wellbeing coaches Susanne Valkeakari and Petteri Korkala

Susanne Valkeakari (FM) is the coach and co-owner of the wellbeing factory. Prior to her career as a wellness coach, he worked in the business consulting units of ICT companies and as a business coach. As a business coach, she emphasized the importance of good physical fitness for competence and the ability to work. According to Susanne, this is a broad equation: change and the interaction of skills, learning and coping at work are all linked to physical wellbeing. As a wellbeing coach, Susanne does not criticize or blame, but helps clients to find motivation and ways to behave that make sense to themselves. Susanne herself draws particular strength from moving in the woods.

Petteri Korkala (drs.) is the coach and co-owner of the wellbeing factory. Petteri began his career as a professional footballer in Germany and the Netherlands. His time as a goalkeeper and training actively is still reflected in his determined attitude and way of working. Petteri feels that as an entrepreneur, he has to take care of himself. Exercise and a healthy diet have always been important to him, and he has always lived a healthy life. In recent years, Petteri’s exercising has become more about maintaining health than pursuing excellence. Petteri Korkala is a personal trainer and has a Master’s degree in Economic Geography.

Find your own preferred style and start an energetic and active life.

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